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What Does The Moon Bring?

The Super Moon.  An eclipse.  Not just another moon.  Or is it?  Many people would say that it signifies the end of the world.  The bringing of the apocalypse.  Continue reading “What Does The Moon Bring?”


Chasing Humanity. As a Nation. As a Person.

11223488_10206103631083332_5453398595615380351_nWhen did we as humans become so selfish and heartless that the top news stories cover only a clown posse of men who could possibly be the next leader of this country?   A man who will be standing on the shoulders of great men; quite possibly to stomp them into the ground and pretend that the good things that are surrounding them exist only at their hands. Continue reading “Chasing Humanity. As a Nation. As a Person.”

Escape and Reshape

My heart, the ruler of my mind.  Refusing to forget the things that it wants.  Denying my demands to let go of that which will never be there to make it whole.  Twisting one way, then turning another to try to get comfortable in the place where it needs to rest.  It tries to take away from me the strength that I have built.  To bully me into submission.  My mind evokes a reverie of question after question.  Infecting itself with melancholy where joy should hold dominion.  If I could just hold steady the tremble of unsurety long enough to find a steady calm.  I used to be able to depend on my mind to know things would be okay.  I could let go of the treacherous descending of helplessness that is now so often present.  It screams at me that time is moving too quick.  That all will be over and life will not have been lived.  Get out into the world.  I answer its call with a gusto of movement.  Overtaking it with a fullness of doing that which I will no longer tell myself I can not do.  Instead of shaking off the anxiety I will embrace it and use it to empower.  To escape to the Earth where the sun is still shining.  Consume the juice that is life, that is heart, that is soul, that is breath!  If you do not recognize me anymore, it is because I am renewed.  Invigorated and metamorphosed.  I now rule my heart with the power of my mind and body.  This will be an amazing adventure…

Still a Little Girl With Big Dreams

Most days, I’m still that little girl who wanted to be a comedian, or a bus driver, or a veterinarian.  That little girl who dreamed of so many big and beautiful things. Continue reading “Still a Little Girl With Big Dreams”

The Growing Parent

To hear their laughter, to see their smiles.  The quiet serenity at the end of a summer day.  The joy that my children bring me is more than I could ever have imagined as I carried them and dreamed of who they would be.  It isn’t always easy to be a Mom.  In fact, quite often I feel like I am failing at this endeavor.  The vastness of the responsibility that I have to them occasionally stunning me into crippling fear.  How does anyone ever feel prepared to raise a child?  There are so many distractions and confusions that the focus often turns to the wrong place. Continue reading “The Growing Parent”

Change Becomes You

There is more.  There is less.  The good and bad that we can do to one another.
Pain is caused.  Hearts are broken.  Forever is taken away.
Selfishness, pride, uncertainty.  Wasting the miracles.  Placating the possibilities.

The arduous endeavors.  Keeping it together.  Making sure the world doesn’t know.
My shame.  My embarrassment.  That I am less than, that I am lacking.
Knowing what another is feeling, and feeling that as well.   Unable to take it away.

Depending on time.  Missing precious moments.  The fog keeping me hidden from my path.
Heart on lock-down.  Searching for hope.  A prisoner in silent darkness until I can behave.
Finding the value in the passage of moments that bring you closer to mending.

Altering minds reverie.  Happiness found again.  Surviving each new day with grace and humor.
Strength being earned.  Finding sturdy fortitude.  Shrugging off the weight of defeat.
Exorcising the ghost that haunted me; hovering about my shoulders like a cloud heavy with rain.

New pathways forged.  Vacating sad corners.  Boarding up the cobwebbed windows.
Hopes, dreams, brightness.  Rays of sunshine finally piercing the ash that shrouded my sky.
A smile that means more than just painted on bravery against curious onlookers.

Unspoiled crossroads.  Blazing further on.  Finding my way forward in all of this disarray.
Tenacious vitality rising to the surface to cast away the gloom.
Changed, wiser, awake.  Finding the way to chase the brand-new day.

A Day Like Today

On days like this one, all I want to do is think and over think.  My mind reeling and unable to process logically.   Continue reading “A Day Like Today”

Content With a Cat and a Beer

IMG_20150717_220814592[1]I’ve been taking some time alone to decompress and think about no longer discombobulating.  It’s often a necessity.  In this interim I will share these insights with you. Continue reading “Content With a Cat and a Beer”

Just Push and Forget You’re Weak

IMG_20150720_195420981_HDR[1]Hiking.  My current nemesis.  Aided by my enemy: “nearly non-existent lung capacity”.  I’m not going to let it win.  I am mightier than my foe.  I’m going to enjoy nature more than it has ever been enjoyed before!!! Continue reading “Just Push and Forget You’re Weak”

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