To live and be happy.
A promise from an invisible being.
A tip of the hat from the man in the moon;
that could be made of cheese.

To love and be loved.
This is the hope of every lonely heart.
A whisper that you make to yourself
each night before you go to sleep.

To hope and raise yourself higher.
A conquest from the day we are born.
Naked and naïve, we are expected to
become something beheld in only their eyes.

To be perfect and immortal.
These words written on an empty slate.
Follow the rules and never sway;
With no mud on your jeans from a life well lived.

So what is the secret?
Perhaps there isn’t one.

To simply exist and be who you are meant to be.
Unraveling the lies that have been thoughtlessly
tossed your way from the moment you could be taught.

Be grace, be patience, be kind.
Find joy in the simplest of lines.
The ones that are the easiest, yet most difficult to find.
Hidden in front of your very eyes.

Be your own beautiful.