Perhaps my absent writing has been noticed.  If not, then you are no worse off for it.  I felt the need to put in an appearance.  To say hello.  To let you know that I’m still around fighting the good fight.

It is hard to believe that December is here already.  We are settling in for the holiday preparations and cozy nights spent with hot chocolate and an inviting Christmas movie.  This year I am excited more than I’ve been about Christmas for a while.

This week began with me leaving behind a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend spent with marvelous friends and even more marvelous food.  If nothing else can be said about my choice of friends other than that they are amazing cooks and riveting company, I will die a happy and content woman!  I am indeed blessed by the people who surround me.

If you are wondering where my children were through all of this, it was their Father’s year.  My daughter did call to let me know that her favorite part of her Thanksgiving meal was the gravy.  Gods, I love that girl!

I am deeply pondering traditions this holiday season.  I want to find some new ones that my children will associate to me without going overboard or making a burden on anybody to try too hard.  While I may have considered the Elf on the Shelf tradition it was but for a fleeting moment, as there is no way I can top some of the ideas that I’ve seen other proud parents flaunt on the internet.

Baking delicious goodies has always been a huge tradition in my family.  From the rich and creamy fudges to the intricately decorated raisin filled cookies.  My Sister and Father have the edge on this though as they enjoy cooking far more than I possibly ever will.  I tend to feel incredibly satisfied when I manage not to burn the store bought cookie dough.

There is also buying/making a new decoration for the tree.  Each year as you unwrap and decorate the tree anew, you can reminisce about the year that each one was found.  I still love the decorations that I picked out when at home and tell the stories of the cherished home-made bears my family and I  made one year out of salt clay.

Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time.  I will let you know if I come up with any new and enviable traditions for this one.  Wishing all of you a good time decorating, gift shopping, baking, and whatever else you enjoy doing this time of year.  Until next time, enjoy the error of your ways.